Actually you never eyeball a horn player. That’s one of the real rules. You just don’t. They’re stuntmen. You don’t eyeball stuntmen just before they’re about to go near death.
— Sir Simon Rattle

Caiti Beth McKinney is a classically trained horn player currently based out of Miami, FL. Just as comfortable performing Bach as she is creating strange noises for contemporary works, Caiti Beth enjoys tackling any and all genres of music she comes across. 

Originally just a gal from South Texas, Caiti Beth attended Texas Christian University where she earned dual bachelor’s degrees in both history and horn performance. Highlights of her undergraduate career include an extended orchestral tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina, premiering works by both student and faculty composers in a variety of ensembles, and receiving a standing ovation for her performance as Principal Horn on Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. Her primary instructor was Heather Test.


Caiti Beth received her MM in Horn Performance from Indiana University, where she studied with Dale Clevenger. Her time in Bloomington was largely spent immersing herself in chamber music, performing in groups such as the Varsity Brass Quintet, several woodwind quintets and horn quartets, as well as various trios and duos. 

Currently, Caiti Beth is in the process of completing her doctoral performance degree at the University of Miami with Richard Todd as her horn instructor. During a typical week she can be found performing anything from orchestral works to jazz sets, and is an active proponent of performing new works, particularly by female composers. Caiti Beth is a founding member of the Miami-based Vientos del Mar Woodwind Quintet and is an active free-lancer and private teacher in the Miami area. In her small amounts of free time, Caiti Beth enjoys lounging with her “Wobbly-Cat” Oliver and trying out new bread recipes.